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Filiz Kutlar, a native of Izmir, graduated from the , Istanbul Municipality School of Theatre.

She began her acting career at the Ulvi Uraz Theater with the play “Gorucuye Cikiyorum” by Guner Namli.

After that Filiz moved to the Kenter Theater  and began to work with her master teacher Mrs.Yildiz Kenter

At the Kenter Theater  she performed in the following plays:

  • Recetesi Pecete, by Muzaffer Izgu
  • (Kucuk Mutluluklar), by John Patrick
  • (Kafesten bir kus uctu), by Dale Wasserman
  • (Katir tirnagi) by Barillet ve Gredy

Filiz moved to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Theater as a permanent member  during the 1979-1980 seasonHer acting career here includes:

  • (Kanli Dugun) written by Frederic Garcia  Lorca
  • Yollar Tukendi, by Ulker Koksal
  • Hizir Doktor, by Erhan Bener
  • Ayrangeven, by Hasmet Gevrek
  • Montserrat, by Emmanuel Robles
  • Mary Stuart, by Dacia Maraini

Filiz remains an acting member of this theater.

In 1999 Filiz established her own theater under the name of  THEATER DAFNE.  She produced and performed plays for the Istanbul Cultural Centre of Italy:

  • Maria Stuarda written by Dacia Maria
  • Alma Rose by the Claudio Tomati

She produced and performed Bilitisin sarkilari by Pierre Luis for the Istanbul Cultural Centre of France

Filiz has also acted in several movies, including

Hababam Sinifi Tatilde written by  Ertem Egilmez

Kose Kapmaca, Vay Basimiza Gelenler by Zeki Alasya, and Hosca Kal Yarin.

Filiz is also a talented photographer.  An avid traveler, her work has been published in

magazines such as Maison France, AD, Marie Claire Beaute and Hulya.

Among her photograph exhibitions are a 1999 exhibition “Impressions of Italy” at the  Cultural Centre of Italy-Istanbul.  And a 2006 exhibition at the Cultural Centre of France-Istanbul entitled “They’re All Women Just Like Me.”